Manufacturing and Light Industrial Recruitment

With demand backed by dwindling headcounts in the Manufacturing and Light Industrial facilities, Arete becomes a source of hiring flexible, skilled and efficient workforce to meet the contingent requirements especially during heavy demand seasons. We at Arete work towards providing personnel for temporary project handling requirements. Intensive screening helps in gauging skilled staff which can help in increasing the productivity manifold.

We further understand the loss of productivity associated with the labor turnover and hence are constantly involved in stimulating the recruited workforce in order to enhance their loyalty.

Typical Job Categories Include:

  1. Inventory Clerk Loader/Unloader
  2. Material Handler
  3. Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
  4. Warehouse Associate
  5. Machine Assembler
  6. CNC Operator
  7. Machine Operator
  8. Welder
  9. Assembler/Fabricator
  10. Manufacturing Engineer