IT-Technical Recruitment

At Arete Technologies, Inc., our Team is an exquisite amalgamation of vast experiences of over 30 years in IT Consulting and Staffing industry. Connoisseurs in the field of staff augmentation for IT, we operate on 24 by 7 model with an aim of providing affordable and adept professionals with an assurance of satisfaction for both Consultants and Clients.

We understand the business requirements in the present day corporate scenario and aspire to provide world-class services enabling the organization to burgeon and flourish while keeping the work-life balance intact. The Global delivery mechanism followed at Arete Technologies, Inc. saddles proficient schemas and unconventional channels to provide one-stop solutions for all your IT workforce needs.

Typical Job Categories Include:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. System Analyst
  3. Programmer Analyst
  4. QA Analyst
  5. Program Manager
  6. Project Manager
  7. Project Coordinator
  8. Database Architect
  9. Application Architect
  10. Infrastructure Architect
  11. Network Administrator
  12. Desktop/Helpdesk support Consultant